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Company Name: Zoombucks inc

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What is ZoomBucks?

ZoomBuck founded in 2010 by Vikas Tailor of Canada. Is an Online Rewards Program site, also called Get Paid To site. It shares similarities with SwagBucks. These sites unlike the well know low paying PTC site (Paid to Click) reward their members for performing action most of us are already doing on the web on a daily basis.

How does ZoomBucks Work?

Members earn points (also called Zoom Bucks) completing surveys and offers, watching videos, searching the web and many more such activities.
Zoom Bucks are then redeemed for cash through pay pal or from gift cards, the most popular being Amazon GC.



Internationally accepted:

ZoomBucks is available not only to the United States, Canada and the UK, but also available the virtually any country you can think of.

Unlimited referrals:

ZoomBucks has no restrictions on the number of direct referrals you can have

Established website:

ZoomBucks has been around since 2010.

Low cash out threshold:

Cash out can be as little as 5$ from pay pal or a 3$ gift card from Amazon.


Offer and surveys:

Not many surveys and offers available outside the main three countries united states Canada and the UK.

Payout time frame:

No set time frame for payouts although I have had mine within two weeks.

ZoomBucks Conclusion:

With all these wonderful options available to you it's not hard to see why this site is growing in popularity.

The potential number of ways to earn a little cash each month won't make you rich but give you some extra income for that special something you had your eye for a while.


Those of you not familiar with Zoombucks May as want to see my ZoomBucks Strategy Guide or an Introduction to ZoomBucks.

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